Sunday, May 1, 2011

Still More Ridiculous

     I'm purely speculating about what it takes to be an opinion writer for a Miami newspaper when I say there must be some kind of secret oath to fantasy and absurdity involved.
     Somehow, someone decided that one of these prominent voices sworn to nonsense is would be Carlos Alberto Montaner. Here my response to his "brilliant" piece about Jimmy Carter's recent trip to Cuba.(The link follows the response):

     "Mr. Montaner, please explain how this isn't another "opinion" piece trying to deflate the potential of Jimmy Carter's trip to Cuba. The anti-Cuba arguments coming from a smaller and smaller group in the United States are becoming more impotent by the day. It must be becoming more obvious to even some of the hard-liners here that our policy towards Cuba is close to being on the way out.
     The same lack of vision that has lead us in the wrong direction for fifty plus years is the same that makes it unclear to some ignorant people as to why Raul Castro would prefer Jimmy Carter over State Dept. officials. Quite possibly he understands the institutions here and how they function quite well since he has been around longer than many employees of that same Dept. of State. If you believe sir, that Cuba needs to be the only country of the two that must make offerings to the other then you obviously will sideline yourself since it is impossible for you to comprehend the respect that Cuba demands and deserves. You are unable to accept the idea of Cuba being a soveriegn state, which although may not see eye to eye with the US, does deserve respect if at the bargaining table. After all, outside of Miami and Washington Cuba is highly respected for its accomplishments in spite of all it has endured.

     "He infiltrates their ranks to learn their movements..." you suggest. Perhaps this is a tactic that Cuba has learned from American inteligence services (or any other country's for that matter).  I doubt it but I don't know why it is OK for some and not for others.

     As Wiki Leaks exposed, since you bring it up, is the belief of the US government that the traditional "dissidents" are absolutely ineffectual and are competing on behalf of the groups in Miami for positions in a post-Castro Cuba.  They are doing nothing to help Cuba nor its people. Basically the US is wasting resources on a group of "exiles" playing a political version of fantasy football. As I like to mention, it's all part of a delusionally hopeful group of "exiles" with some political clout in the US. These groups are some of the same groups that got beaten by the Revolution over 50 years ago.

     Before Cubans are allowed to take vacations in the US on a larger scale than they do now (usually older people who do return to Cuba at the end of the visit), we would have to address the pesky problem of the Cuban Adjustment Act and the corresponding Wet foot- Dry foot policy. Certainly that is a unique policy that Europeans don't even enjoy when they attempt to visit or emmigrate to the US. much less anyone visiting from the rest of Latin America.

     You probably are right that there will not be huge advances as a result of Carter's visit. The advances will be coming due to American's losing patience with the useless and counterproductive policy towards Cuba.. It just needs to happen in a way that the US can save face after so many years of such an internationally admonished policy. I only wonder what the people who make livings off of the embargo will do after it is gone."

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