Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Israel and Palestine: What will be

   As a citizen of this world we live in, the issues of injustices anywhere I find of much interest and urgency.  Today I will express some of my concerns in relation to the issue of the situation facing the Palestinian people and the state of Israel.  I must disclose that my one of my grandfathers was Jewish.  His parents came to the United States almost a hundred years ago in search of a better life.  They left behind most of their family who just a few short years later became victims of the Nazis.  I understand the profound effect that their historical crime have had on the Jewish people as the subject was so horrible that my grandfather almost couldn't speak of it.  I myself am not Jewish, nor am I of any other faith.  This fact should not disqualify me from critisizing the policies of Israel nor should I be considered an anti-semite or "self-hating Jew." 
   It's a bit embarrasing that with the marvel of the internet, we are able to read opinions from around the world, and in spite of the fact that there seems to be a wide variety of opinions in Israel on the subject, we here in the U.S. are basically stuck with one prevalent opinion in our press with an almost disdainful reaction to any opposing view. 
   We openly speak of the importance of the problem, but our official stance is no more than a blessing for Israel's state to continue acting with virtual impunity in it's belligerent actions as it continually denies a peaceful reality for the Palestinian people.  Despite occasional rhetoric about how there needs to be a meaningful peace and a two state solution, the U.S. continues to support the state of Israel in it's "creation of facts" on the ground which makes such a goal more and more unlikely.  The dream of a Palestine free from occupation is one that will probably not come true.  The reality is that, thanks to a hard-headed policy on the part of some of the actors in this real life drama, that we have quite possibly passed the point where a two-state solution can be accomplished.  The fact that within Israel itself, the population of the Palestinian community is outpacing that of the Jewish one.  The likely outcome will someday be that there will be one country for all of the people, Jewish and Palestinian.  The question will then become will the state be one of an aparteid nature?  If so, then the problems will surely continue as the oppresed part of the population will struggle for equality.  Or will the hard-headed members of that society, from both sides, be marginalized enough that the people in the future state can live together in harmony as brothers and sisters, just as so many have already proven possible.  I am eternally hopeful that the good people will prevail in their search for peace as it is something that people all over deserve.  It is just a shame that so much pain and so much suffering must go on for so long.  As a world community, it is our duty to be on the side of peace and denounce the wicked politics that only prolong the misery that so many people must endure in the thing called life, that is no more precious for one person than another.

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