Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Loco en el Coco (Farinas)

   After the death of the terrorist Bosch in Miami, the Miami newspapers have struggled to find anything to write about except for trying to portray a reflection of Fidel Castro criticizing the killing of Bin Laden as some sort of support for terror.  Of course that is to expected from Miami news outlets.
   The article that they have stumbled all over themselves to promote now is the one about the death of Juan Wilfredo Soto.  By running with the story as told by Mr. Farinas, which is one that blames the death on police brutality, they one again show their lack of investigation and inherent preference to simply use inflammatory statements by so-called "dissidents" to garner sympathy for their "cause".  When he was giving his version of events, he was clear that he had not seen the death certificate.  Choosing not to believe what the doctors had said, that the man died of pancreatitis, he decided that a story about police beatings would get him more bang for his buck.  Apparently  the deceased individual was actually a walking example of poor health.  He suffered from diabetes, hypertension, dialated cardiomyopathy, and hepatitis (which damaged his liver).  Also as a convicted criminal, he was excactly the type of person the US tends to consider as having been a "political" prisoner. 
   Unfortunately for him, he  is being exploited in death by those very groups who supported the policy of refusing to sell food and medicine to Cuba and along with the Torricelli Act, attempted to prevent other countries from doing so also. I wonder what kinds of medicines were intentionally made unavailable by US policy that could have given him a better quality of life. Although now it is legal to directly sell food and medicine to Cuba, it is on a cash only basis which is basically an attempt to deprive Cuba of using its money for development. 
   So the "Loco" Coco supporters will no doubt be selling new T shirts in Miami, exploiting a dead man, just over a year since having made money selling T shirts with the image of another "dissident", Zapata Tamayo.  Great group of people!

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