Monday, May 30, 2011

A Father's Tears

   The first time I remember seeing my father cry was when he found the name of a friend on the Vietnam Memorial.  A friend who gave his life fighting in a country on the other side of the world for reasons that are still not understandable.  Today on Memorial Day, I wonder how many other fathers, sons, mothers, sisters, daughters, are having to shed tears for unfortunate reasons.  By opposing the wars that we find ourselves in and the politics that lead us into them, I am not trying to offend those who believe differently, or those who have lost their lives.  I honestly believe that as a nation, we should struggle to avoid falling for the dirty tricks that politicians play on us to envoke fear so that we support reckless wars and continue putting our soldiers lives in danger.  We all support our troops, but that doesn't translate into supporting wars that cannot be justified.  Cooperation and respect between nations and peoples are the only ways that this world can find peace.  I will remain hopeful in spite of my deep skepticisms that good people and rationality will prevail one day.

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