Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ghosts and Other Fantasies

     After hearing about the reports of "ghost" websites as a way to trick the Cuban government, I sat back and scratched my head wondering how silly these meetings must be when they discuss these ideas.  The images that come to mind are some old Miami guys, the kind that look like they are auditioning for a low budget version of The Godfather while they complain about John F. Kennedy over coffee on Calle Ocho.  These men lost their grip on reality about 52 years ago when they left their homes to their servants for what they thought would be a few months because in their world "revolutions" just changed faces not societies.  After leaving their homeland and spending decades trying to destroy the very people they purport to care about, I suppose all that they have left are "ghosts".  I do feel sorry about the situation that exists between the US and Cuba and take every opportunity to educate as many people as I can about the errors of our policy towards Cuba.  It must come to an end and Cuba's sovereign right to determine its own path must be respected. As for the guys getting in the way of progress that believe in "ghosts", I have a fairy tale for them. Here it is:
"Fidel and Raul have fled to Venezuela. The heroic employees of the US interests section, excuse me, the hardworking and patriotic dissidents have invited Lincoln Diaz-Balart to teach them about democracy and run the transitional government. Juanes is no longer invited to perform because Gloria Estefan says so as new new minister of the arts. She releaesed her statement through her spokesman Andy Garcia ( who now smokes real Cohibas). Elian Gozalez is currently wanted and when he is found he will be tried as an adult for treason and banished to live in the house of Janet Reno.  There will be a few million homeless people in a few months when the "exiles" return to their "stolen" properties but they have been assured by Willy Chirino that he will be opening a string of McDonald's and says there are about ten thousand new part-time jobs.  When asked how that would help the millions of newly homeless he declined to comment. Robert Menendez is saddened because although he would so much love to be in Cuba, he has been in Washington and New jersey for so long that he can no longer deal with a tropical climate, but feels proud to have done his part in trying to starve, I mean save the Cuban people.  There was a ceremony in front of the US interests section and there were a few confused faces in the crowd of 30 people when a Puerto Rican flag was raised just as the head of the Interests Section was saying something about "the US not wanting to colonize Cuba." As a side note, the average IQ in Miami has for some strange reason doubled according to a recent study."


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