Thursday, May 19, 2011

Discontent With Capitalist Democracy?

  The United States has waited for a half of a century for a day like this to come. A day when the people go into the streets to denounce the system that is filled with injustices, the system which takes people's dreams and uses them to keep people believing that a better future is coming. Since the founding of our country, the officials have opted for a system that depends on exploitation, depends on people having dream and believing in it's possibility of becoming a reality, on misdirecting our attention towards threats and enemies, whether real or not, from inside and out.  From the beginning, ideas put forth by our revolutionaries had been discarded such as agrarian reforms and an end to enslavement of human beings.  Thomas Paine had set forth the ideas and plans for creating an even playing field based on the fact that so much land and wealth had been amassed by so few.  And he foresaw that without a correction in the beginning, most people would never get a chance to be true equals in the country of  "equality." The just desire to end slavery was brushed aside as an inconvenience in order to create a more "perfect" union.  Two centuries later, the effects of both of these historical decisions, or mistakes, are still hindering the social development of our nation.  Every once and a while something wakes us up momentarily from our sleep, and we demand change and make it happen.  Then we enter back into our slumber and our gains our slowly chipped away until what's left is a shadow of our past victories. 
  The story of discontent is shared by people world wide, as most of our world is dominated by the same forces of capitalism, the system which has greed flowing through its veins.  We are told stories of all of the horrors of other places, without ever really asking why it is so.  They do there best to hide the horrors that occur in our own nation and keep us occupied with colorful news channels that tend to cover stories about celebraties as much as stories about current events of much more importance. Convenient pre-packaged excuses and scenarios are handed to us in our fast food style lives, to be digested as quickly as the 49 cent burger that so many of us ate for lunch yesterday.  
  The simple reality remains that every economy in every place has similar characteristics.  There are producers, workers, buyers and sellers.  There exists no other reality no matter what an ideologue economist might try to tell you.  What seperates one "system" from another is more than just a name.  The difference in "systems" is how a society decides to allow this simple yet seemingly complex process to function.  A decision is made as to who and how it benefits the most.  We have allowed our government to use us and our sweat for the benefit of a few and in the case that things go wrong for them, we are the one who rescue them many times to our own detriment. 
  As I began to say before, the U.S. has predicted that a day like this would come, when the people take to the streets and say enough is enough and demand a change.  We have predicted, instigated, attempted to incite the downfall of the socialist revolution in Cuba.  Instead we were able to see this occur in a country today which operates along certain principles more closely resembling our own than in Cuba.  Spain's people have come out in numbers today to show their desire to change their reality.  Let's ask ourselves the question if our official muted response to this situation would be the same if even one tenth or one hundreth of the people on the streets today in Spain had been in Havana instead.  We probably would have had a reason to invade the island as we did just over a hundred years ago to make sure the people would be alright. Just watch and decide where the true discontent may be.  See the video link below. Imagine what would happen if that were in Cuba.


  1. Imagine what would happen globally... Imagine what would happen if it people said let's get rid of the system altogether... Not replace it but just get rid of it altogether...

  2. Seems like many people are using their imaginations and...well we'll see.