Thursday, May 26, 2011

Alan Gross a Victim?

   Are we to believe that Alan Gross is a victim?  Are we to ignore that he was breaking Cuban law?  Are we to think that our tax dollars being used to contract him through USAID weren't used with the intent of subverting a sovereign government?  Are we to think that nations don't have the right to punish subversion?  Are we going to say that the U.S. doesn't incarcerate people without charging them or allowing them due process?  Are we going to pretend that our Constitution can be ignored when we think it should be in certain circumstances?  Are we going to pretend that we aren't hipocritical in our foreign policies?  Are we going to say that Cuba is thumbing its nose at us because they prosecuted Mr. Gross?  Are we going to suppose that Americans who travel to Cuba should be able to visit Mr. Gross in the prison that he resides?  Are we going to ignore that the five Cubans being held in U.S. prisons for spying on the terrorist networks in Miami have been able to receive family visits?  Are we going to say that there are no terrorists walking free in Miami?  Are we going to imagine that Mario Diaz Balart grew up in "just another Cuban American household?"  Are we going to conveniently forget that his father was a Batista loyalist?  Are we going to hear if Bradley Manning thinks his "accomodations" are better than dispicable?  Are we going to let these extremists in Miami continue influencing our Cuba policy?  Are we presuming to know better than anyone else?  Are we really open to different opinions?  Are we really that righteous?  Are we fooling anyone?  Are we?
Please read the "opinion" of the "righteous" Pittsburg Tribune at the attached link.

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