Friday, May 20, 2011

Red, White, or Blue?

"Suppose it isn't true that there's no alternative.  Suppose impunity and harm aren't the only future.  Suppose it's possible that the thin line separating war and peace won't grow ever norrower.  Suppose that some madmen and romantics believe that another world, another life is possible.  Suppose the worst, that these madmen believe there are others, more madmen who think like them.  Suppose the inadmissible, that these madmen want to get together.  Suppose they suppose that from this meeting of the madmen, some measure of reason will emerge.  Wouldn't you like to attend such a mad meeting of suppositions?"---Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos 1996  from "A Call to Latin America"

  Fat cats with long noses (we all know the story of Pinocchio) and asses (since that's how they act) are the two parties that pretend to represent us. Which convention will you attend in 2012? Who will the people support? Who will support the people? Elephants or donkeys? Red republicans, blue democrats, and white flags for the voters who surrender their votes to these expensive free elections. There you have all the colors you need to create an empire.
   I, on the other hand, think that if combined correctly, those same colors could represent something else.  They could represent people's aspirations for a just society as a part of a just world.  Maybe a world where bombs are not used to make peace and people respect each other because they realize that they are the same, in spite of differences.  A world where the powerholders are many and not just a few.  I think I'll be looking for the meeting of madmen.

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