Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Common" Complaints

   The rapper Common made it into the news today after being invited to the White House.  The complaints stem from the fact that he has spoken supportively of Assata Shakur, who has been living in Cuba for many years after being accused of an attack against the New Jersey police.  Having been involved with the Black Panther Party, it has been easier for her opponents here in the U.S. to accuse her of being a "terrorist".  After all, J. Edgar Hoover once desribed the BPP's free breakfast program as one of the biggest threats to the U.S.!!!
   The complaints aren't necessarily directed at Common as much as they are at Obama since we have already entered the 2012 presidential campaign season. So hey, why not try to portray him as having supporters friendly with "terrorist cop killers".  Nevermind the fact that for years she has been living in a country that everyone wonders why is on a list of "terrorist" nations, she has also had for years support from within the U.S. Congress itself.  Certainly the "critics" of the invite aren't suggesting that the President not invite members of Congress for those reasons.
   What is quite interesting though and not mentioned often in our expenisive "free" press, is that  the President swings by South Florida every now and then and rubs elbows with some quite obvious supporters of Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.  This is a terrorist who walks free in the city of Miami!  This should raise more eyebrows than a rapper being invited to the White House.  For a President waging a "war on terror", arresting and extraditing this man would likely boost the credibility of this "war". 
   But here we are in the country of reality TV, arguing about who is invited to the White House once again.If anyone's image would be damaged by this situation, it very may well be Common's.  After years and years of thoughtful rap and poetry, it all could be put into question by visiting the Nobel Peace Prize President who orders assassinations and wages wars wherever he feels like it.  Honestly I don't think this should damage either one though.  President Obama has time left to do the right thing and Common is an artist who believes in him.
   Anyone of the critics remember George Bush's lunch with Eazy E? He said "F... the Police".  Ice T said "Cop Killer" and supported McCain! Obama probably won't invite Daddy Yankee and his "Mas Gasolina" after the BP oil spill!  Politics as usual!

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