Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Foolish Farinas

     Guillermo Farinas is quite simply a fool.  He is a Cuban man who does what he can to impress the people to the north.  His sponsors come from Miami and Washington.  He was in contact with Radio Marti, not to talk to the Cuban people but to his only audience here in the US.  He wanted to let the American people and his sponsors know that he feels that the killing of Bin Laden was a great blow to terreorism.  Thanks.  It also was a way not to have to put him in front of a court and allow him to speak about things we don't like to hear.  Hell, we already have Luis Posada Carriles walking around threatening to spill the beans on thing that he claims are pretty big and shocking so I guess we don't need another.  What a silly man to believe that Radio Marti is anything more than a useless invention for the consumption of the Miami audience.  We really should as a nation take a look at the amazing waste of public funds supporting fake reporters and attempting to pump this garbage into Cuba. Let these scoundrels find real jobs somewhere else.  There is no need to pretend there is a demand for this station besides the demand for jobs by those who work there.
     Mr. Farinas tries to put himself in a good light by playing on the emotions of Americans who felt the need for revenge.  The US claims that it would have captured Bin Laden if it were possible so anybody suggesting that it would be better to have brought him to trial is not "weak" or whatever the derogatory description might be, it is actually in line with what official desires supposedly were.  Mr. Farinas, just to let you know, the American people are cynical and those few who even know who you are, know that you and your image are quite simply a creation of a policy towards Cuba.  Nobody here thinks of you as a hero and for the most part people here are tired of this policy which offends Cuba's soveriegnty but, more importantly to many cynical Americans, offends their desires to tavel to Cuba and  their thirst to buy and sell goods to Cuba.  Mr. Frainas please don't take yourself too seriously.

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