Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Year Wasted

As 2012 closes, we have seen another year go by and another 365 days wasted by Washington politicians as the official line about Cuba has remained the same... idiotic.

Cuba remains inexplicably on our list of terrorist nations.  We still fund programs aimed at subverting its government.  And the U.S. remains virtually isolated internationally in regards to the embargo, which has not only failed at its objective, but continues to put constraints on Cuba's economy and its people making everyday life more difficult than it need be.  And let's not forget that the deadly Wet-foot/Dry-foot policy remains in effect despite all of the talk of immigration that has gone on.

Let's hope that the new year brings new ideas and attitudes and we begin to see actual changes in not only rhetoric but policies.  As we all know, time has come for Washington to get over its Cuba complex and find the strength to do the right thing. END THE EMBARGO AND RESPECT CUBA.

Happy New Year to all.