Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Radio Marti New and Improved!

   Fox News Latino has given us all a good reason to continue throwing our tax dollars at Radio Marti.  At least that's what the folks at that abberation of a news agency thinks it has done.  In reality the group of "conservatives" over there have excused another waste of tax dollars as they defend the hopelessly lost government project aimed at subverting reality in the hopes of causing damage to the sovereign country of Cuba.  The "conservatives" rarely balk at such waste, as they can't resist the attempts to dominate other nations.  If it comes to the well being of our own country though, according to them, well we shouldn't be doing anything.  The market gods will figure that out.  Unfortunately, the same can be said for much of the other party. 
   The honest people at Fox begin by telling us that this useless entity, Radio Marti, is "keeping pace with the times" having made a slick transition towards social media and other marvelous platforms.  The new director has worked hard and is proud of the new tactics of propaganda being employed by this heroic organization whose results over the past thirty years have cost the American people around $500,000,000. 
  By using Twitter and Facebook, theese guys claim to have been able to aid the flow of their message to the island.  This is a great acheivement since what we have been paying for was easily blocked by the Cuban government and was nothing more than something to fan the flames of the extremists in Miami.  It is actually interesting that in their excitement, they have admitted to having been a total waste in the meantime.  But wait, that's not it.  They seem to have exposed one of their own fantasies in this stunning admission.  They contend that they are connecting with oh so many people through the use of the internet.  What fantasy have they exposed? The one where they almost constantly accuse the Cuban government of denying people access to the internet.  Well, I suppose that they won't worry about this minor detail from the story they have weaved.  Remember guys, if you tell a lie, it gets bigger and bigger until you can't keep track of your own story.  This game of contradicting themselves by the anti-Cuba crowd seems to be happening more often these days, as they feel the pressures of the real world pushing them into what will be almost total irrelevance .  They are losing ground and credibility day by day as their excuses are becoming extinct.  They seem to be the ones who are unable to adapt to things as they fight to bring back a past that is already long gone.
   The newly renovated waste site, excuse me, web site touts between 600 to 4000 hits a day.  That's one hell of a range!  I wonder how many hits are in Miami and elsewhere and how many are on the island.  At this point I'll just have to wonder, since that little bit of useful information wasn't brought up in the article.  They admit that, just as in the case of the radio an television stations, it is very possible and likely that the Cuban government blocks the internet sites to.  Sounds like we will continue to throw money into this new and improved bottomless pit for no reason other than to appease the powerful extremists in Miami.  The budget for this garbage was decreased by four million dollars this year to just under thirty million dollars.  This should make the conservative budget warriors a little more comfortable as they search for beneficial programs for the American people to cut.  But despite this decrease in funding, the director assures the folks at Fox that the programming hasn't suffered, it actually has improved!  (As if Fox News is concerned with the quality of broadcasting!)  Enjoy the new website Miami. Tweet to your heart's content, but remember that these recent revolutions elsewhere in the world were not products of the wack jobs in an exile's paradise.  They were homegrown and genuine, and the people in Cuba are moving on without you.

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