Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Human Rights (Medically Speaking)

   The World Health Organization, in 1989, called Cuba's  health care system a "model for the world."  It ranks Cuba 39th in the world even as it spends just a couple of hundred dollars per year per capita.  The mighty self-proclaimed king of human rights, the United States ranks 37th.  In terms of fairness, Cuba ranked 23rd, while the U.S. 54th. 
   Cuba's constitution guarantees free healthcare for its people.  The same cannot be said about the U.S. constitution.  Health care is treated as just another industry with the purpose of making profits.  Cuba sees health care as a human right.  What an interesting idea!  Stating that the people of a nation could be guaranteed healthcare without having to worry about if it fits in their budgets.  In spite of an intentionally harmful economic embargo against the island of Cuba, it has found a way to ensure care for its people.  The U.S. hasn't yet found a way to prevent this, nor has it tried to find a way to ensure that the 50 million uninsured people will receive healthcare on the level that Cuba has managed to provide for its people. 
   This is a shame for the United States, the country with the largest economy in the world and the so-called standard bearer of human rights.  Just as President Obama did nothing to earn his Nobel Prize after being awarded the honor, the U.S. is morally insuperior and its words are hallow when it comes to human rights in the field of medicine.  Perhaps Cuba should blockade its northern neighbor until it decides to recognize true human rights!  Would Cuba want to be seen supporting such a regime!?

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