Tuesday, July 26, 2011

March to Brussels

  The Spanish protesters who headed to the streets two months ago, have decided to march all the way to Brussels.  They plan to march to the heart of the European Union, through three countries.  If and when they do get there, they will likely make it obvious to the world that what the "democracies" really don't care to pay attention to are the people. 
   There is no question that the European Union is choosing a path that caters to the wealthy corporations and banks just as the United States does.  Democracy in our countries is something of an exercise which consists of slanderous campaigns and ends with a vote.  The idea that people are equal is one that debunked by the reality of bankers and corporate giants given full attention by the elected officials while the poor in the streets demands fall on deaf ears. 
   Billions of dollars that are always ready to fund things like wars are taken from the pockets of the working people who then have to listen to the officials explain why cuts in social services are necessary.  It is garbage.  It is unjust.  The wars which are dressed up as humane actions, generously on the behalf of other peoples are expensive and destructive.  They serve to open markets for those giants who have the ears of the one in charge.  Societies are destroyed or setback decades and lives are destroyed.  All this while the "democratic" countries who claim to defend human rights do so at the expense of the people that they ignore. 
   Hopefully sooner than later, the voices of the people will become so loud and so strong that they can no longer be ignored.  Maybe this march will not achieve its goals, but it will be heard.  It is just a small step towards the day when the people finally break off the shackles of their so called democracies and get to have  a government that actually acts on behalf of its people.  Good luck to those who are marching.

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