Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wake Up Mr. Reich

This is my response to an opinion of Otto Reich in the Miami Herald this weekend.  The link to his fantasy, or opinion, follows my response.
   In the parallel universe that Otto Reich prefers to spend his time, he imagines that his now home country, the United States, doesn't act in the way that he accuses Spain and Brazil.  The American people are for the most part, concerned with human rights.  Unfortunately, here in the real world, the US actually does "put ideological predilection and commercial interests above human rights, and shamelessly coddles" many countries with records of human rights abuses far worse than anything that Cuba is often accused of.  Many Americans are aware of this truth, so Mr. Reich's attempts to tug at our emotions is an act of willful ignorance on his part.
   By his logic, the people who are in more danger of facing a revolt are the representatives in South Florida.  These hateful people in Congress are upsetting a whole lot of constituents who don't like his or the other guy's (who is under investigation for criminal activity)  proposals to redefine family and prevent them from visiting family on the island when they would like.  Was it a hundred cars or so that rolled by the offices of Diaz Balart demanding to hand over a petition to not revert to the Bush policies on travel?  Ahh, but he refuses to meet with "Castro supporters" even if they are in his district and he is supposed to be their representative. 
   Thanks to the difficulties in Cuba, many although not all, which are the results of the economic embargo, the US has found it possible to find people willing to stage little protests and then send their videos to the interests section or their "contacts in Miami for a small price. The Cuban Democratic Directorate and the Cuban National Civic Resistance Front are well aware of the reality of the "dissidents".  They were burned by the Cuban intelligence when it was revealed that their groups in Cuba were infiltrated.  The infiltration exposed the fact that their own spokesperson from the Cuban National Resistance Front was actually working for ten years as a Cuban agent and their support came from CDD and MAR in Miami. 
   Mr. Reich and others do their best to create this parallel universe and present it as reality to Americans.  As they spend much of their time in this parallel world, they seem to have lost touch with the growing support within the US to finally do away with the embargo and travel restrictions.  As ordinary people here have their tiny voices joined by industry giants like Big Oil, the pressure is mounting and the Miami extremists will be brushed aside. Perhaps they have secured places for themselves in some museum in Miami to go to when they have become totally irrelevant politically here in the US.

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