Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jaime Suchlicki's Obvious Arrogance

   Jaime Suchlicki added his opinion to the pages of the Miami Herald this morning.  It gives people a good picture as to how the anti-Cuba extremists view the United States role in Latin America.  It is useful to take note of his outward support for U.S. imperialism and its desires to dominate the region.  He openly calls for undermining Venezuela's democracy and sovereignty as he would like to see the U.S. by organizing the opposition to Chavez interfere in Venezuela's upcoming elections.  Interestingly though, the U.S. often accuses, although never proves, that Venezuela interferes in the affairs of its neighboring countries.  This is amazingly hypocritical.  Mr. Suchlicki and many members of the United States government somehow feel that interfering in the internal affairs of other countries is something of a right that the United States , and only the United States has.  By suggesting that Venezuela has threatened the interests of the United States, he would only be correct if he means that the interests of the businesses wanting to enter and dominate other countries are synonymous with the interests of the American people.  The interests of the American people have been drowned out by corporate power and there is nothing at all that Venezuela threatens as far as the American people are concerned.  Actually, if anything at all can be said about Venezuela and the interests of the American people, it would be positive.  Venezuela has negotiated with certain parts of the United States discounted heating oil which has made the lives of some Americans easier.  In no way has the average American been affected by Venezuela with Chavez as its president.
   Mr. Suchlicki's only correct assertion is the fact that Cuba is has more diversified trade than it had at the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union.  It would be a blow to Cuba if the relationship with Venezuela would be more to the liking of the U.S., but since Cuba now has positive relations with most Latin American countries, it probably wouldn't be in Venezuela's interest to turn its back on Cuba no matter who would be in the presidency.  Venezuelans benefit from the support in medical services as well as educational cooperation. 
   The inclusion of Iran in his analysis serves no purpose other than to link Chavez with a country to which Americans are supposed to fear thanks to a media campaign that has tried to prepare the minds of Americans for a possible military confrontation that would no doubt be as legitimate as the invasion of Iraq.  As we learned afterwards, although it was easy to know before, that most of reasons for the war with Iraq were untrue. 
   The United States needs to stay out of the affairs of other nations.  If it were to have respectful relations with other nations, it would be in a position to give advice without trying to impose its desires on others.  The arrogance of the foreign policy of the United States serves no good purpose for the American people, nor does it bring good feelings from around the world for our country.

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