Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ileana's Misguided Representation

   The fact that Cuba in partnership with foreign oil companies will soon be drilling in its territorial waters is one that the United States cannot prevent.  The historical coincidence that it will be done in an area closest to the district of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is somewhat ironical.  Many Florida politicians have fought hard against drilling for oil off the coast of their state and to a certain extent it makes sense.  Florida depends on its beaches as popular tourist destinations and are enjoyed also by the people living there.  Any chance of an oil spill that can ruin these beaches would be a terrible blow to the state and its ecosystem.  But Florida politicians do not represent Cuba.  They have determined policies for decades that deal with the relations between Cuba and the U.S. but as much as they have tried to subvert Cuba they have only accomplished restricting the rights of Americans and caused unnecessary pain to the people on the island. 
   Many voices have been reasonable as they have expressed the intelligent position of working with Cuba and the companies that will be drilling there.  Common sense would lead people to the conclusion that cooperation in planning for an emergency in the event of an oil spill would be the right course of action.  Alot is said to cause fear that an accident in Cuban waters could cause oil to harm the coastline of Florida.  This is true.  But instead of Rep. Ros-Lehtinen taking a position that would be proactive in helping to preserve the beaches of the Florida Keys, she instead finds herself allowing her extremist anti-Castro views preventing her from helping to protect her constituents.  She chooses irrationally to instead attempt to punish all those involved in doing business there.  She chooses to stand in the way of people trying to do there best to provide support for protecting the environment that happens to be her own district.  She has shown that the only people she chooses to represent are the group of people in South Florida whose agendas are nothing more than trying to cause harm to Cuba.  In doing this she alienates the people of the Keys who would only benefit from the U.S. cooperating with Cuba on this issue.  She chooses to instead smile and pose for pictures with people who have violent pasts and some are even terrorists or calling people to create spectacles in congress to try to further her cause of slandering Cuba.  A cause that is tiring the American people whose right are restricted by the policies she supports.  Americans are quite cynical and understand the hypocrisy of the policies towards Cuba and are ready for this chapter to be closed.  She is doing a terrible job of protecting the interests of Americans and in this case, the people of her own district.  Perhaps sooner than later she will lose her relevance as she has already her credibility and will retire from her job as misguided representative to go join her partners and reactivate one of the many violent groups working to hurt the Cuban people.  That is where this hateful person fits best.  There she can try to enrich herself with the American tax dollars allocated for "democracy programs" as part of a pseudo industry created by the extremists in Miami for themselves.

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