Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Pretenders

   What is truly amazing about the ridiculous politics that the U.S. selectively employs when it takes its stand on the issue of Cuba is the outright dishonesty on the part of the government in Washington.  Never mind the fact that if another nation acted in the same manner as the U.S. does with Cuba towards itself, even in the slightest way, it would find all kinds of justfications to use military actions against the perpetrators.  Never mind that almost the entire world denounces the embargo of the island on a yearly basis.  Nevermind the fact that in its policy towards Cuba it finds itself violating Americans' right to travel.  Nevermind the fact that an angry mob with disproportional influence not only seems to direct Washington's policy from coffee shops in Miami where terrorists walk freely in the midst of an supposed "War on Terror."  Nevermind the fact that many of the millions of dollars have enriched some undesirable people in Miami and some other parts at the expense of taxpayers. 
   What is truly mindblowing is that Washington literally announces to the world that it seeks to give funds to so-called dissidents on the island and when those same so-called dissidents find themselves being targeted by the government of Cuba for working with the proclaimed enemy, it actually tries to fool the entire world that Cuba is not allowing dissent!  As Americans, let's imagine for a moment that some group of people causing problems here in the United States were found to be payed by Iran, North Korea, or even Cuba.  We would be whipped into a frenzy and public outrage would be fueled by our loyal "free" media.  There would be calls for trials or maybe just to hide them down in our military base in occupied Guantanamo.  There would be "nothing off the table" as they usually say in Washington as the Pentagon proposes all kinds of military interventions to wipe out those "trying to destroy America."  Why is Cuba expected to sit on their hands and not do anything about these people working for, if not with, the enemy?
   We know well that by creating these "dissidents" we are subjecting them to scrutiny at the least.  We openly acknowledge that Cuba's security has penetrated the groups to a large extent, so large that we suspect that we have been handing over funds right to their intelligence service.  what we also know well is that even though a large effort has been made to foment support for these groups, they remain virtually unknown in Cuba and aren't remotely close to achieving the goals of Washington, regime change. 
   The only thing that this crazy fantasy dissidence is capable of is being highlighted in our media and used as examples of repression on the part of the Cuban government.  This is their sole purpose.  They are creations to justify the wickedly immoral policies towards Cuba.  How long does Washington imagine that such an obvious hypocricy be believed?  More and more Americans have realized what the extremists in Miami haven't, that the policy must change.  Many Americans are either indifferent to the socialist nature of Cuba or just flat out against the waste of their tax dollars in pursuit of such goals.  Even some within the hardline "exile" community have called for a change in policy.  More and more politicians from both parties have stated that the embargo should be changed or done away with. 
   But still we find ourselves with the group of "pretenders" who openly hand out money, advertise opportunities for money to try to subvert Cuba, disregarding its soveriegnty, and pretending that all this never happened, that the "dissidents" are just honest people trying to make their country better!  Still they pretend that they have no idea about the connections they have created with some folks on the island who are just looking for a paycheck from Washington as they smile for the cameras and play their parts for the Miami press that just eats it up and then tries to say that they are "reporting."   They can pretend all they would like but most people don't buy it anymore.  They look like kids telling lies that only the kids themselves believe.  It is a terribly embarassing situation that the self-proclaimed leaders of the free world aren't free enough to speak the truth. They just pretend to.

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