Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mario Tries to Flex His Muscle

   Today the House Appropriations Committee passed an ammendment that is intended to erase the tiny progress that Persident Obama has made allowing more travel and money to be sent to Cuba.  The less relevant extremists in Miami is trying to flex their muscles which are strong only due to the steroids they have beeen pumped with thanks to years of money and support by Washington.  But others' muscles will prove stronger.  When Bush tightened restrictions during his presidency, he upset a lot of people who want to see their families in Cuba and also support them in their tough circumstances by sending remittances.  Mario hates his family back in Cuba, since ironically his family tree has Fidel in it.  The blood connection from way back isn't as strong for him as it is for the majority of Cubans living abroad.  They love their families and don't support his endeavors.  His big brother Lincoln had to appear on TV to threaten the Cuban community living in Miami who were outraged at Bush's policy and became quite outspoken at the time.  Since so many people who enjoy the benefit of political refugee status granted to almost any Cuban as a political tool, a status that is much less given to people from other countries, he threatened to have immigration double check their claims of politcal refugee.  Obviously there are almost no true political refugees coming from Cuba, the majority have come simply for economic reasons conveniently using the "refugee" excuse to stay. 
   Undoubtebly, if his ammendment were to become part of the law, the same outrage would occur, as would quite likely the threats from the extremists.  The idea of separating families is one of the most disgusting pleasures of the Diaz-Balart brothers.  These individuals are incapable of caring about those who they purport to represent.  These guys are at a weak point, and their fears are what they are fighting against.  The changes in Cuba have along with an increase in remittances have made it possible for some on the island to begin their own businesses.  Mario certainly fears the prospect of people's economic situations getting better.  If less and less people choose to leave the island for economic reasons then where will all of the "political refugees" be?  There might be less photos in the propagandic press centered in Miami of people trying to "escape" Cuba.  There will be less and less applicants for "political Asylum."  There will be less and less excuses for this absurd policy.  The extremists are running in circles confused and scared.  Now they are even faced with the dilema of trying to fend off Big Oil, as it is extremely excited about the prospects of doing business with Cuba. 
   Now the question is whose muscles are bigger.  Are the withering muscles of the extremists down in Miami?  Or are the muscles of the American people who have had enough of their own rights restricted by these extremists?  I think that though it is unfortunate that the ammendment passed, we will see it eventually, somewhere along the process of creating a budget, get brushed aside with ease as there are now much stronger musles that the Miami crowd must contend with.  There time is passing, and soon they will all have to find a place in the Bay of Pigs museum down there in Miami.

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