Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where Did The "Doctor" Named Bosch Go?

One of the most respectable jobs that a person can have is that of a pediatrician.  He is the one that we as parents run to when are babies are sick and sufferring.  They not only bring health back to our children but mend our broken hearts from having to see our kids that way, so helpless, them and us. Pediatricians are some of the everyday heroes everywhere. It's too bad that that was not the story of Orlando Bosch. He was once one of those pediatricians that does so much.  But that was a long, long time ago.  His honorable profession was traded for one dedicated to death, destruction, and pure hate.  He became one of history's terrible men.  The kind that is so offensive that his repugnanace challenges the thoughts of even the most benevolent of people. He was the kind of rotten shell of a human that planned to kill, planned to kill again, and yet seemed not to be bothered at all, yet proud of his ways.  The countless victims and their loved ones left behind are his legacy.  Sadness, emptiness, and horror were his major contributions to the world he lived in. The world will not miss him.  The only thing that will missed was the chance to bring him to justice.  But as luck would have it, he had made deals with powerful devils and was offered their protection. I'm not a religious person, but thinking of where he might be if the religious men were right, helps bring a smile to my face on the day his pathetic existence ended.
I'm amused as I think where the "doctor" might be.  Maybe......

......The Devil welcomes his pawn with a smile.  He takes the arm that had cause so much harm is his own and leads Orlando Bosch to an uncomfortable chair next to the flames.  Mr. Bosch takes his seat where his new master has put him.  The "anti-communist" terrorist is unsure what is happening and for what he seems to be waiting for.  He checks for the time on his wristwatch but it isn't there.  Just then he hears what must be a laugh coming from the devil who looks at the former doctor and says "You won't be needing that here, I've made some other arrangements."  The devil shows him a radio that was made in the USSR.  "I've been keeping this for you."  He flips it on and tunes in to the station, the only station.  Orlando hears "Tic toc tic toc tic toc. This is Radio Reloj."  He is filled with horror as he realizes that even after killing and terrorizing for most of his life, he couldn't make it stop. On earth the Revolution would go on.  Sounds of children laughing, people singing and dancing, it couldn't be stopped.  Orlando twisting and turning, gritting his teeth asks the devil "What's next?"  The Devil looks at his useless soldier with the same terrible smile and answers "We wait for Luis!"

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