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Responding to the Ridiculous

   With the events that are occuring in Africa and the Middle East, the Cuban "exile" community through their typical platforms are trying to link their losing struggle and find sypathy for their greedy cause.  On the second of April, a pitiful excuse of an opinion was published in the Miami Herald.  I don't like to put down others' opinions but if one is more of a distortion than an opinion, I'll have to point it out.
   The link to the column follows the response.  Read that too if possible to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

My response to "Cubans ask:Why should Cuba be different?"

Mr. Cardona, there are a few things in your opinion column that need to be adressed and clarified so that any person who knows little to nothing of the history of relations between the US and Cuba doesn't become confused (which actually may be yor reason for writing such things).

You say that you are surprised at how little the west and other democracies demand of Cuba? Really? What is the cause for your surprise? Are you not aware of the demands placed upon Cuba by the US? There seems to be, depending upon the what year it is and what the global situation is, an endless list of demands that seems to change whenever certain factors change.  In case you may like at least one example, let me start with a simple one.  The US said since Cuba had been aligned with the Soviet Union it was a threat, also being accused of exportring revolutions.  Nevermind that we actually dealt with the Soviet Union, supposedly Cuba was dangerous! The Soviets are long gone and there are no revolutions being exported (unless you count the ones that are being waged at the ballot box like Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua, and almost every country in the hemisphere tired of having leaders falling all over themselves to make Washington happy). The reasons shifted to civil rights and political prisoners. Well civil rights seem to be a matter of perspective. I think Americans would understand, especially in light of the Patriot Act as a response to terrorist attacks on our country, that Cuba, a country constantly dealing with open attemps of suversion and sabotage, that out of self-defense some civil rights may suffer. As for political prisoners? Well, if people have taken money from and worked with an enemy government, it would be hard to call that political persecution. But let's play your game for a moment and suppose that they are all political prisoners. Amnesty International has now stated that there are no more political prisoners in Cuba. This didn't occur as a result of Cuba bending to US demands, but of apparently out of sensible dicussions with church leaders(civil society) and possibly some arangements with Spanish authorities. What will be the new excuses?

You say other governments use Cuba as an issue to get more concessions from the "Americanos"? What?  Mr. Cardona, turn around, the real world is this way!  Do you not know that Kennedy's Alliance for Progress was put forward by the US as a way to prevent the people's in Latin America discontent from boiling over and causing similar damage to "US interests" all over  the US' "backyard"? As forseen though by Che Guevara (who you call bloodthirsty so as to attempt to portray him negatively to those who know nothing of the topic) the Alliance for Progress did almost nothing to better the lives of the masses in Latin America who did end up taking up arms in various countries in search of an end to the injustices and dictatorships supported by the US (good dictatorships that did the business of Washington). Every government in South and Central America broke diplomatic relations and trade with Cuba except Mexico. That seems to suggest that these countries tried to impress the US instead of using Cuba as a way to "wring concessions" from them as you claim.

You are curious to know how the US would respond to Cuba firing upon its own people? I guess you may be left to wonder unless Washington has plans to dress some mercenaries in Cuban uniforms and stage an event for the cameras similar to what was twarted once in the 1960's when people dressed in Cuban uniforms working for the US were supposed to fire upon the Guantanamo base so we could say Cuba attacked us. It was called "Remember the Maine" just in case that little bit of history has escaped you.

Will we ever learn what happened to cause the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion? Seriously sir, most people already know why it failed so miserably. There seems to be relatively few people still scratching their heads wondering about that. Most of those wondering are the same people that think the hard-line policy towards Cuba is somehow logical and productive.

Why should Cuba be different? I don't think it should be.  The extremists in Miami and Washington ( and a couple in New Jersey) try to make it seem so.  Cuba should be treated with the same repect that any soveriegn country should be given. Ask yourself that question. Try to have more objective thoughts about it and you may find yourself an answer.

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