Saturday, April 23, 2011

No More $ For Radio Marti

Times are tough. Families are hurting, bills are mounting, households that are dependent on two incomes scrape by with just one in many cases. We wait for the market gods to make things right. In the meantime everyone is tightening their belts trying to make due with less. We are led to believe that our always responsible leaders are looking for ways to help by cutting government budgets.  There is always talk of "hard decisions" that have to be made.  Oh who would want to be in the position of telling people that the small amount of help that our society affords to people, usually the ones who need it most, will have to be cut back?  Not me.  I would rather hear that our rediculously large military budget be slashed. We could perhaps not employ mercenaries to do the jobs that our soldiers traditionally have done. Maybe we could end a war or two, possibly a bombing campaign or something. There certainly must be a base or two somewhere on earth that could be closed. I know of one in Guantanamo, Cuba.  The lease we signed over a hundred years ago while occupying Cuba has expired.  The Cuban government and people don't want it there.  It may be the only base in the world being completely imposed on the host country.  But we know that the military budget is off limits so lets find something from domestic expenditures we could do without.  Hey, I have another idea!  Maybe we can stop funding radio Marti. Also we can get rid of the TV version of it too.  I know, I know Florida is a battleground state. Maybe it will have to wait until after the 2012 election cycle. But how about making tough decisions now? People would be hard pressed to explain what is the use of maintaining this gift to this small group of people in South Florida when it is only seen and heard right there in South Florida.  Cubans don't even want to see it.  Go to Cuba and you will see them more interested in game shows, soap operas, and reality TV than the obvious garbage coming from those "Made in Miami" atrocities.  Let's do something inteligent that won't cut essential programs for people in our country.Let's get rid of these Cold War relics.

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