Saturday, April 23, 2011


A letter dated August 20,1918 and addressed to American workers is quite interesting in the sense of how little has changed over the past century. One of the interesting paragraphs goes like this:

"The American people, who set the world an example in waging a revolutionary war against feudal slavery, now find themselves in the latest, capitalist stage of wage slavery to a handful of multimillionaires, and find themselves playing the role of hired thugs who, for the benefit of wealthy scoundrels, throttled the Philippines in 1898 on the pretext of "liberating" them..."

Afganistan, Iraq, now Lybia and how many others since the letter.  The obvious attack on workers rights that has received some media coverage.  The multimillionaiers are now multiBillionaires and still aren't satisfied.  That is a symptom of greed. It is amazing how far we haven't come.

Oh yeah, the letter was written by Vladimir Lenin.

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