Friday, April 22, 2011

Miami Still Blames Kennedy!

In the Sun Sentinel columnist(?) Guillermo I. Martinez is blaming Kennedy for the failure of the mercenaries at Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs).  These clowns never tire of pumping this lie.  Everyone knows that the U.S. is and was militarily capable of destroying Cuba. What folks like Mr. Martinez try to do is confuse people about is the popularity of the Cuban revolution and the leadership of Fidel Castro. His article is named "US, Cuba, Latin America still paying for JFK's weakness at Bay of Pigs". The link is:,0,1472632.column

My response is here.

The fairy tales continue in South Florida. What would our hemisphere look like, the author asks, had things gone differently during the invasion of Playa Giron?  It would look actually quite similar to how it is today.  There would still be huge numbers of impoverished people and tremendous wealth in the hands of a few. He claims ignorantly that Venezuela, Bolivia,  Ecuador, Nicaragua, and many others believe in Cuba's totalitarian model.  Not one of those countries have aspired to copy the Cuban model.  Each one has moved in a direction according to its own situation.  Of course when these countries find inspiration in Cuba's revolution and its independence, it is absolutely horrifying to those who cannot admit that there is even one genuine smile on the island. I suppose that not wanting to be dominated by the US and the local oligarchs is the part that these countries have borrowed from Cuba's example. 
This group of people say that up is down, and left is right.  They say such obvious obsurdities that they expose themselves for what they really are.  They left their homeland with the belief that someone else would do their dirty work and then all would be the way it was.  They would continue to exploit their fellow countrymen or live lives out of the reach of the majority of the Cuban people. More than 52 years later they have come to the realization that they were an indesireable minority and most of them will be living in what they call "Little Havana" until the end.  They have exiled themselves and I suppose in a certain sense have gotten a little of what they wanted.  They have adapted to Miami and exploited the Cubans and other immigrants in Miami instead of in Cuba.  They have also survived on government handouts that are in the millions of dollars. Why would they want to do anything else? 
Well the thing that they fail to accept is that the American people have learned of their games and aren't exactly as supportive as they once were.  The Cold War mentality is gone exept in Miami and most Americans don't support continuing the embargo.  Also, big business lobbies are itching to do business with Cuba. These powerful lobbies are starting to grumble in Washington. I think we'll see that Washington is listening. 

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