Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jaime Suchlicki Reaches, Stretches, and Invents

   Faced with the dilemma of not being able to ignore that actual changes are
happening in Cuba, the pro-embargo, right-wing extremists are having to
come up with ways to twist the realities into fairy tales to try and justify their
 refusal to understand that they are the ones clinging to ideologies that are
incorrect and outdated, not the Cubans on the island.  Jaime Suchlicki is
claiming that the possible coming change to some obstacles Cubans face to
 travel might actually be a plan for a new Mariel type situation. 

   These people are basically allowing their confused thoughts to be read by

   Now faced with the dilemma of watching their talking points against Cuba
disappear before them, they resort to implying that the Cuban government has
sinister intentions behind positive steps.

   They suggest that economic reforms, which have capitalist market oriented
characteristics, are a clever plan devised to squeeze more out of the people
through taxes and fees. Now, the likely changes in travel restrictions/ hurdles
is a plan to create a mass migration out of the country.

   Suchlicki thinks that if Cubans are allowed to travel more easily to the US,
then the US will be forced to deny visas. Wake up Suchlicki. The US already
denies countless visas, which in turn causes some to feel as if they should test
their luck and find another route and just claim asylum.

   The problem the US will face is not a propaganda campaign pointing to the fact
that visa applications are denied, but what will be done about the silly law we
have allowing political asylum to any Cuban, whether a pizzeria employee/award
winning actor or a mother who can't obtain a visa simply to see her grandchild
in Miami for a week.

The tangled web is one that we designed ourselves. It's our problem to fix and
taking the advice on how to do it by the ones who've led us in to this mess over
the course of five decades isn't a bright idea.

(Note:  Jaime Suchlicki is Emilio Bacardi Moreau Distinguished Professor and Director,
Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, University of Miami.  Distinguished?  Thanks.  Now he is also a funny guy, with an interest in fictional observations.)

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