Friday, May 18, 2012

Truth in Advertising

This is my response to Ray Walser's opinion about what the U.S. should be doing about Cuba.:

"Time for truth in advertising" Definitely. I particularly liked the dig at "left leaning think tanks, maybe in reference to the one that just visited the island and has very different ideas than you, the right leaning opinion piece writer. Truth in advertising means we would need the drowning out of the numerous lies about and misleading labels that are put on the island. A good place to start would be removing Cuba from the list of terrorist countries. Even the advertisers can't really explain truthfully why Cuba is on that list.

We may also have to look at the effects that the embargo has had (and still does) on the economic and political situation in Cuba. We can't pretend that all of Cuba's woes are their own fault. Speaking truthfully, even the Cuban government doesn't blame everything on the embargo. They recognize their mistakes and seem to be adamant about changing them. Truthfully, we can't say as much about our government.

Bush's policy was solidarity with Cuba? Really? Ask anyone in Cuba, who didn't prosper from the wasteful government handouts that are part of the Cuba policy, if they felt like Bush was showing any type of solidarity. (You may need to take a trip to the island like the CATO institute to actually talk to regular Cubans though to find out, but truthfully, that would probably go against your excellent standard of ethics .)

Funny thing about the comment about being barred from travelling, especially coming from an individual who pretends to have such fairness in mind, you couldn't make a trip to the island without permission from Washington. You seem so worried about allowing people to travel, one would imagine that you would have been totally truthful about that.

Speaking as if you don't believe that economic reforms are actually taking place, you sound like someone who yourself has no access to the news or internet. If you do have access to the internet, you can look up Freedom House's report on the economic changes and what Cubans think of them. Go ahead, there is a marvelous thing called Google that can help you find the report by the Washington funded group Freedom House. You might be surprised.

And Obama's position up until now has been pretty much the same as Bush's, except for a little solidarity with the people in this country who didn't appreciate not being able to visit their families whenever they wished or needed. He still speaks shackled by the same lack of political courage as most all of his predecessors.

There are plenty of people waiting for "truth in advertising", but unfortunately we are in the midst of an election year, when truth is one of the most elusive things of all.

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