Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Dark Corner

   Is it "here we go again"?  Have the monsters who've been silent for about a decade decided that the urge for terrorism was too strong to ignore?  Was this act the first of what may be more until Miami once again has more bombings than the Middle East as it did one year during the 1970's?  Will the guilty be found?  Who will cooperate?  Who won't?  These are important questions that may only be answered in time.

   Given that we are in a war on terror, surely the people who did this must be against us since they obviously aren't with us.  Ask the former President Bush who put it in those terms as he stated that the U.S. would search every dark corner of the globe for terrorists.  There seems to be a dark corner in South Florida that needs to have some light shined upon it.

   We know that there are individuals walking freely down the streets of Miami who have openly said that these types of acts are legitimate.  We know that Luis Posada Carriles sleeps like a baby and has no regrets, even though he has said (although his lawyers now advise him against talking about it anymore) that he has been involved in violent acts of a similar nature.  He is considered one of the masterminds of the most infamous acts of terror in our hemisphere.

   Let's say for a moment that President Obama is true to his word and really favors increased engagement between Cubans and Americans.  Would an attack on a business that helps facilitate his policy be offensive enough to him that he would want law enforcement to get to the bottom of this?  I would think so.  The fire could have been an attempt to intimidate those who are seeking more exchanges with the island.  It could also be an act of desperation on the part of some folks who feel that they have been losing ground in the battle of public opinion as more and more people feel that a change to the wrong-headed policy the U.S. has to change.  Either way, burning down offices is definitely the act of someone who should be brought before the law and dealt with accordingly.  They are dangerous and shouldn't be free to wander among the peaceful public.

   This act cannot be ignored and it seems like it isn't.  The press reported that the FBI and ATF were on the scene including a counter-terrorism agent.  They will have their hands full.  There are plenty of people in Miami who they may want to talk to and look into.  They can even question those who have heralded some of the most violent people as patriots, like the deceased Orlando Bosch.  Even some congress people, both former and present, have relationships with same of those who have advocated violence, like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and the Diaz Balart brothers.

   This could be a turning point, more powerful then the Elian Gonzalez incident when the American public got to see how incredibly illogical some elements in Miami actually are.  Not only are there people willing to keep a boy away from his father like they were involved in some sort of imagined chess match against Fidel Castro, but there are people willing to blow up and burn down businesses right here in our cities simply because they feel like they can.  Too many years have gone by and too many criminals have been ignored and this is what happens.

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