Licensing Division
Mr. Jeffrey R. Braunger
Office of Foreign Assets Control
U.S. Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington D.C. 20220

Dear Mr. Braunger, Case # CU-80304

Our company, Havana Ferry Partners LLC submitted to your office our application for OFAC Licensing on July, 15, 2010 and the USPS /RRR was returned to us as delivered.

You will find our re-application in this correspondence.

Havana Ferry Partners, LLC (“Havana Ferry”) is seeking authorization as a Travel Service Provider, 31 CFR 515.572(a)(1) and as a Carrier Service Provider, 31 CFR 515.572(a)(2) of the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (“CACRs”).

Havana Ferry wishes to primarily provide transportation via sea-going vessels to Cuban-Americans to visit close relatives in Cuba. Havana Ferry would also offer transportation to other persons authorized to travel to Cuba under various categories of OFAC licenses. Please note that 31 CFR 515.572 specifically authorizes “persons chartering an aircraft or vessel” (515572 (a) (1) emphasis added), and “carrier services by aircraft or vessels incidental to their non-scheduled flights or voyages to, from, or within Cuba” (515572 (a) (2) emphasis added).

We fully support the President Obama’s goals of our increased understanding with the Cuban people through people to people contacts. We wish to be able to provide lower cost transportation, thereby opening travel to Cuba to more people wishing to go. The airlines could be made safer by not having to carry ‘load limit’ cargo of returning passengers. Under current regulations we legally can do so. We seek OFAC approval for our application.

We also support the U.S. government’s goals as stated by Ricardo Zuniga, the State Department's acting coordinator for Cuban affairs in his March 2010 affidavit (Martinez v. Republic of Cuba et al, Florida Southern District Court) of “easing family travel between the two countries, improving the flow of information across the Florida Straits and promoting such things as religious, artistic and sporting events and exchanges.” To paraphrase Mr. Zuniga, we believe that providing a passenger ferry service to Cuba, as well as direct flights, “are vital for maintaining contacts that are in the national interest."


Leonard D. Moecklin Sr.
V/P Havana Ferry Partners LLC