Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pedro Roig's Train to Nowhere

   The former head of Radio Marti has left his delusions on the pages of the Miami Herald.  He describes Cuba's government as "a train to where".  He unfortunately doesn't realize that he himself has a seat in the actual train to nowhere, the one which the extremist circles of  South Florida have commandeered for decades, chugging along to the brink of irrelevance.

   He refers to the very real changes that are occurring in Cuba as being empty.  As is typical for the anti-Cuba crowd in Miami, only by ignoring the people of the island, can he claim that the train is empty.  A great number of people have been experiencing the positive changes that have been adopted, but of course to Mr. Roig, any changes must be ignored if they don't include a re-establishment of the semi-colonial type of government which was overthrown in 1959.

   His description of Cuba as a Jurassic Park is better suited for those groups that meet yearly in Miami at the Bay of Pigs Museum to pay homage to the most quickly defeated group of mercenaries that the hemisphere has ever known.  Sure, Cuba has a long way to become a fully developed country, but its advancements in many fields is quite impressive and its gestures of true international solidarity is well documented and praised world wide.  The same can't be said of the groups sipping cafecitos on Calle 8 plotting ways to destroy what good people have built.

   Having headed a radio station named after Jose Marti, a station created by the empire bent on crushing the dreams of the Cuban revolutionary, it's hard to understand how he claims that revolutionary Cuba is morally bankrupt.  Not only was he a paid lackey of the U.S. government, whose job was to propagate nonsense to the island of Cuba, but his time in that position was embarrassingly useless and cronyism plagued the tax payer funded radio station.  He was, as the station itself still is, a parasite industry which serves no purpose other than tickling the bellies of the anti-Cuba crowd as they enrich themselves  at the expense of the American people.

    "But the tragic show must go on. It is obvious that we Cubans have difficulties for profound meditation and logical analysis."  These are Mr. Roig's words. They don't describe the people on the island, but the people within his small group of associates.  He is doing his best to prove himself correct! 

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