Friday, January 25, 2013

I was going to write about travel to Cuba but...

I haven't had any time whatsoever to write as of late so I wanted to take advantage of my day off to write about the interesting predicament that the U.S. finds itself in now that Cubans do not need "permission", or a lot of extra paperwork at least, to travel abroad.  But a couple of things took my attention away from that topic this morning.  One being the joke that Senator Flake made about allowing American spring breakers to go to Cuba along with Senator Menendez's expected response.  But more interestingly, when I tried to look for more silliness attributable to Senator Menendez, the first thing I found about him was a report about him being under investigation by the FBI. 

Why would this good senator be under investigation?  Could it be that the FBI is interested in corruption, something that so many of us feel is going on in Washington regularly but it never seems to interest investigators much?  Nope.  It involves Sen. Menendez possible involvement with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.  Now let's put this in to perspective.  This is a very serious charge.  I can appreciate that given the fact that Sen. Menendez will be assuming the chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, it's nice to know that he has shown an interest in travel to foreign countries.  But how does a guy who travels abroad for sex with underage girls look if he would hold such a prestigious position in the government?  Hopefully his colleagues are whispering to him something about assuming a less prominent role at the very least! Forget about his obvious dishonesty.  His moral character seems to be an issue here.  we all know that politicians are often less that honest.

What dishonesty?  well let me point out the most recent example.  As he attempted some sort of rebuttal to Sen. Flake's suggestion to allow Americans to travel to Cuba, he decided to repeat the known lie about Alan Gross' actions in Cuba.  It has been exposed that he wasn't simply helping the Jewish community in Cuba get a little internet access, but actually carrying out a contract which is part of a government program to destabilize Cuba.  Sen. Menendez, having nothing much left of legitimate examples to defend his policy positions regarding Cuba, just has to resort to outright lies.

In my opinion, this lowlife should have his ego deflated.  If he is actually guilty of having sex with underage prostitutes in other countries, he should be dealt with according to the law.  He should until then hide his head in the sand and hope this is all just a nightmare.  But either way, he should be called out for being the liar he is. I do hope he is the next link of an ever shrinking chain of hard liners protecting the status quo of the embargo against Cuba.  The chain is weak and someone should break it already.

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