Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Direct Flight. Tampa-->La Habana

   A little over a week ago I finally got the chance to take advantage of the new direct flights from Tampa to Havana.  At the airport, everything went smoothly and the fact that I didn't have to drive for four hours to Miami before travelling to Cuba made things much more enjoyable. 

   We left pretty much on time and the flight was just barely over an hour.  Just as we were approaching the island, I could see through the window a tremendous cloud which looked sort of like a giant wall.  It was something that would have made a good picture.  It was beautiful.  As we were about to fly in to the cloud the plane turned to the right and started circling.  The pilot announced that there was a storm over the airport in Havana so we had to circle for a little while before we would be cleared to land.

    After about thirty minutes, the next announcement by the pilot was that we were being directed to Miami to land and wait for the storm to pass before being able to land in Cuba.  The ultimate irony.  My first direct flight from Tampa to Havana and I still had to stop in Miami!

  As time permits, I'll describe more of my trip, which was fantastic but a bit on the short side.  One week isn't long enough.

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