Saturday, September 10, 2011

Joe Cardona Supports Jim Cason! (Of Course)

   Still we have the usual suspects attempting to convince people that there is no reason to acknowledge the obvious, that the US policy towards Cuba is useless. These people are as rational as the 2% of the scientific community that chooses, after careful analysis, that global warming isn't real. They are made up of a tiny and ever shrinking group who decides to ignore reality. Somehow they get to hold up progress on an important issue that directly affects the well-being of a great number of people.

    These people have a strange idea of freedom and democracy. Here in the US, the freedom of money to direct government policies and the scheduled elections of those who are dependent on wealthy donors, elections which often times get less than 50% of the voting age public to even participate, is a system in which so many who even do participate feel as if they must vote for the lesser of two evils. That is why Mr. Cardona finds it hard to determine right from left anymore.

    It is simple to understand the distinction of "totalitarian" that Mr. Cason and Mr. Cardona use to differentiate Cuba from other Latin American countries. They feel that a government, sovereign and unwilling to allow the power of the multinational corporations to decide the its course, unwilling to cede its authority to the desires of Washington, should be labeled as such. If a dictator like Mubarak in Egypt or Pinochet in Chile allows the freedom of foreign capital to plunder his country, robbing the people of their dignity, well they may be dictators but at least we don't call them "totalitarian.

    Had Mr. Cason really gotten to know the people of Cuba while there, he would have realized that most of them do not appreciate or support the policy the US has continued to enforce against their country. Had he gotten to know the Cuban people, he would have realized that they don't take his "humble" friends seriously.  
    OK, so we are to believe that his "humble" friends were not at all interested in monetary gains for working with him and the US Interests Section. The recently released cables show that his successor certainly faced a different situation as he asked for thousands of dollars and even euros to be given to them. Are we to believe that this wasn't the case when he was in charge? What on earth was all of the money allocated by Washington and championed by Mr. Cason's boss, President Bush for?

    Mr. Cardona chooses to imagine those "humble" friends of Mr. Cason were victims. The real victims of this terrible situation were the millions of Cubans on the island and those who live abroad who were intentionally separated from each other by the "harder" method employed by his boss' administration. At what time in history was a "softer" method even attempted? Never. Since day one of Batista's removal, the US has tried to undermine the government of Cuba. Simply allowing more travel and remittances while continuing to subvert and strangle Cuba doesn't constitute a "softer" policy. But for those scientists who challenge the notion of global warming, they probably consider trying to keep our air cleaner some sort of backwards concession to the tree hugger tyrants of the world. Only through the eyes of the blind, can one see the success of the US policy towards Cuba

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  1. Any Cuban who endorses Corporal Cason or anyone associated with the Miami right-wing crowd is promoting the interests of the Yankee imperialists.

    The Cuban government is not perfect, but it is a great improvement over that of General Fulgencio Batista. Not once, did the United States go before an international organization to condemn Batista and his buddies in the Yankee Mafia, who owned all the casinos and brothels of Havana.

    The hatred of the Yankees toward Cuban socialists is similar to the hatred of Hitler toward the Jews.

    The Yankees have always had a predilection toward the following "democrats": Batista, Somoza, Trujillo, Duvalier, Pinochet, Marcos, Ngo Dim Diem, Stroessner, The Sha of Iran, Mubarak, etc. All of them allowed the American multi-nationals to plunder and loot the countries they governed.

    The only thing that a Yankee cares about is MONEY!