Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mr. Montaner Shoots Blanks

   Since Mr. Carlos Montaner decided to use the term "shoot" in his title, I figured that might be an appropriate term to describe his lack of powerful ammunition in his pistol loaded with nonsense, the pistol being his opinion piece in today's Miami Herald.  The following is my response to him which is followed by a link to his silliness:

  Mr. Montaner,  In your eternal silliness, do you really think that a group located in Miami of all places, is in a position to cause President Correa a headache?
  You often pretend to believe in democracy, yet you stood by the people who removed Zelaya from his elected position.  You hold meetings in Miami, of course, with people like Lucio Gutierrez, who left office in a helicopter to get asylum in Brazil.  Also in attendance was the disgraced former colonel and director of intelligence of the armed forces, Mario Pazmino, who was removed for also working with the CIA.  Gustavo Lemus, the man who left Ecuador so not be prosecuted for covering up the murders of two people, was also meeting with your "prestigious" group.  Wasn't he one of the people who on the day of the coup that you say "never was" entered the Ecuadorian consulate with sympathizers of the coup?
  The director, is he still the director(?), of this silly non-profit is Carlos Sanchez Berzain.  Is he not a fugitive from Bolivian justice for his role in the "gas wars", which left 60+ dead and over 500 injured? 
Oh Mr. Montaner, I know you have your loyal followers, but surely you must be burning inside knowing that such a group of undesirables has really no credibility outside of the bubble of extremism.  This ill-named institute showers praise on such people as Armando Valladares and considers a friend the congresswoman who lobbied for the pardon of the maniac Orlando Bosch.
  Groups like these are of no use for the good people of the world, not even the good people who live in Miami. 
  By claiming that "Gutiérrez is one of the most powerful political choices within the country and
one of the hopes of the democratic recovery for Ecuador", you only confirmed your willful ignorance on the very subject of democracy. 
  What Pesident Correa shot was not his foot, but a hole in the propagandist machine called the "free press" which has for so many years worked hard at printing half-truths and helped pull the wool over the eyes of so many people, until the day came when it was no longer possible, and the people decided to vote in their own interests to the dismay of the powerful elites who now scream foul in a chorus as they find themselves in a weakened position.

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